Prontomed Herpes Gel

For the treatment of cold sores

Prontomed® Herpes Gel is used for the external, physical and supporttive treatment of herpes.


Prontomed "Herpes Gel"

For the treament of cold sores

  • supports healing
  • absorbs exudates like a sponge, 
  • dermatologically tested
  • a purely mineral gel, 
  • also suitable for allergy sufferers


Prontomed® Herpes Gel is used for the external, physical and supportive treatment of herpes sores (herpes labialis) and is also suitable for treating angular cheilitis and mouth ulcers.
The medical product supports and accelerates the healing of sores when applied at the first sign of tingling and burning. It helps to reduce the development of open and oozing spots.




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