Produkte Prontomed Soleaderm - Zur Behandlung von Neurodermitits

Prontomed SoleaDerm

For the supportive treatment of atopic dermatitis 

Prontomed® Soleaderm - the pure mineral solution for intensive care for irritated skin.

Prontomed "SoleaDerm"

For the supportive treatment of atopic dermatitis

  • pure mineral solution
  • optimal care for irritated skin
  • alcohol & fragrance-free
  • clinically proven formula


Prontomed® SoleaDerm is used for topical antiseptic cleansing, intensive care and as an accompanying therapy, for instance in the case of neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis and sebacceous eczema.
It strengthens and protects the barrier function of the skin, reduces moisture loss and relieves typical symptoms such as itching and flaking. Redness is minimised. This makes it much more difficult for bacteria and germs to settle and spread. The skin can start its natural self-cleaning process again. Prontomed® SoleaDerm contains no drying and irritating ingredients. Products are also suitable for very sensitive skin.

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