Informations about ECA technology




Mode of action

ECA solutions are produced by a specialised electrolysis process from a semi to fully physiological solution of sodium chloride.
In the last phase of production the solution remains in contact only with the catalytic surfaces of the anodes. This makes the solution into a strong oxidisation medium with high positive redox potential and a wide micro biocide effect.
Micro-organisms possess no protective mechanisms, which can prevent the ECA solution from penetrating the cell. Diffusion destroys the integrity of the cell membrane, and proteins in the cell, which control vital functions are preferentially oxidised. As a result, micro-organisms which come into contact with ECA are destroyed so quickly, that they have no time to develop a resistance mechanism.
Once the process is finished, the solution separates into its reactants, water and salt.


The natural reactants, salt and water are the key to making this product ecological. ECA solutions are pH neutral and purely mineral and contain no organic chemistry. Therefore, they are very compatible with skin and can be used for an unlimited period. The toxicological and allergenic potential is very small.
After the germs have been destroyed, the only substances remaining are the reactants, salt and water. Thus, the environment is not in any way endangered - neither in production, nor in application or disposal.
This means that ECA products are the ecological alternative in many applications.