Informations about PHMB Technology




The polyhexanide betaine complex

Excellent cleaning effect due to low surface tension

The use of polyhexanide in combination with an active surfactant (betaine) plays a crucial role in skin cleansing. Skin cleansing is the removal of visible impurities and the reduction of bacteria and other germs. Impurities of all kinds need to be removed for clearer skin. The polyhexanide betaine complex has an excellent cleaning effect, is very gentle on skin tissue and significantly reduces the quantity of bacteria. Due to its modified surface tension, the formula reaches areas which water cannot penetrate. Even difficult-to-reach areas of the skin are more thoroughly cleaned than using traditional solutions. In contrast to many other cleaning solutions, it is possible to completely dispense with alcohol.


PHMB as a cleaning solution

Prontomed has developed a special cleaning and care series with solutions and foams for the treatment of acne and skin irritations. The products are based on the anti-bacterial polyhexanide betaine complex. This complex demonstrates clear advantages over a sterile electrolyte solution in wound care.



...are amphoteric surfactants, surface active agents which reduce the surface tension of a fluid. This network force facilitates the use and penetration of fluids. Betaines are particularly high-quality surfactants with excellent cleaning properties and simultaneous maximum skin compatibility. As an additional benefit, it does not dry out the skin.


Polyhexanid... a polymeric biguanide with antimicrobial properties. It was synthesised from ICI in the 1950s. Polyhexanide and polyhexanide biguanide are listed as "polyaminopropyl biguanide" in the INCI list.