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Prontomed private label - Everything from a single source

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What does Prontomed do? What do our services look like?

The core competence lies in the development, production and distribution of various articles in the field of cosmetics and medicine. This also includes veterinary and hygiene products, which always meet highest demands. Therefore, all our products stand for outstanding efficacy and dermatological compatibility.

Prontomed GmbH is a certified company, which has gathered a profound knowledge and experience in more than 20 years and therefore belongs today to the leading companies in the technology areas Polyhexanide (PHMB) and the electrochemical activation (ECA).

It is these competencies that enable us to create private labels of the highest quality for you, with which you guarantee the trust and satisfaction of your customers.

You are just starting out and need a private label in small series? We can also offer you this option. From our existing portfolio, short-term small quantities are also possible.

Our expertise for your own brand

Sharing knowledge, strengthening partners – this is how we see private labeling.

Prontomed sees you not only as a customer, but as a partner. Together with you, we focus on your goals and create high-quality products that meet your exact requirements . Thanks to our many years of experience, we can competently assist you with your step towards your own private label. We accompany you during your first steps as well as in your seven-league boots.

Our way of thinking and productivity are innovative and future-oriented. As experts in the manufacture of medical and cosmetic products, we create strong and durable trademarks for you in areas such as clinics, homecare, pharmacies and retail. We manufacture articles for human and veterinary applications, as well as hygiene products for various areas of application.

What are the advantages of own brands? On the one hand, they have a significantly higher margin in sales than trade with third-party products. On the other hand, with a private label they end any dependence on intermediaries and suppliers. All this in combination with a better customer loyalty to you as a manufacturer leads to a potentiation of your market value and a higher profit.

Our range of services - 360° Full Service

360° Full Service – This stands for service that comes from one source. It means efficiency and you have the chance to use your energy and time elsewhere.

It can be exhausting to merge different service partners into one functioning unit. In the end, you are the one who suffers. Let’s pull together . Rely on us as a partner who will support you with experience and know-how from the initial idea to completion and delivery.

Quality assurance

We are certified according to ISO 13485. The central requirement of ISO 13485 is a comprehensive, functioning quality management system for the manufacture of medical devices. The certification confirms that we at Prontomed ensure compliance with all required standards, which guarantee you optimum product safety.

The following aspects belong to ISO 13485:

  • Quality Management System
  • Responsibility of the line
  • Management of resources
  • Product realization
  • Measurement, analysis, and enhancement

Together with the Directive 93/42/EEC we maintain a high quality quality management system (QMS).

The focus is on the satisfaction of our customers, as well as the safety and compliance with legal requirements for all our products.

Transparency is our top priority. Therefore you can see our certificate in the download link at any time.

Our services in detail

Everything depends on a good concept. Developing a good and working concept from an idea, creating a future-oriented plan, is an art. An art that we are sure to master. We? This is a whole network of experts who have only one goal in mind: To realize your idea of a strong, individual product, to successfully launch it on the market and to position it for the long term.

In addition to the initial conception of the product and its target group, this also includes testing its marketability. Specialised lawyers with many years of experience check the texts and product claims of your products for legal certainty and ensure that your marketing is secure right from the start. So nothing can go wrong later during the market launch.

The process of conception and planning is rounded off by the involvement of a design team. An attractive and professional appearance is a decisive sales factor and a target-oriented factor in product marketing, which you should not leave to chance, but to our trained creative heads.

Research means improvement. Research stands for progress.

Customer demands and material requirements are becoming increasingly complex. If you are not up to date and keep up to date regularly, you risk losing your connection. Prontomed knows these challenges. We have the capabilities and resources to continuously maintain the level and respond to changes.

With this knowledge and productivity we are able to continuously improve your product. We work continuously on the development of new recipes, the improvement of existing ones and ensure a high-quality and safe end product through regular quality controls. We do not only rely on internal testing bodies but also on external and independent testing institutes.

Full service for us also includes the assumption of the labelling, global classification and registration of all products, for a quick realisation of your project. Our quality management ensures that all guidelines are observed in production, filling and packaging. This includes expert opinions, analyses and certificates. No matter if cosmetic or medical device – we will realize the certification and registration as soon as possible, so that you can start the sale promptly.

The perfect quality starts with the production. We therefore guarantee certified production processes, such as production on ultra-modern production and filling facilities that comply with the GMP standard (Good Manufacturing Practice). The GMP standard refers to this:

  • Requirements for hygiene
  • Room area
  • Equipment
  • Documentation and control

All the packaging you need for your products also falls under our quality standards. Together with our partners, we find the most suitable packaging for you, which is both efficient and effective. Never underestimate the impact the “wrapper” will have on your customers’ purchasing decisions. You should not neglect this factor.

Our specialists design labels and folding boxes according to EU standards and offer you a wide range of finishing techniques, such as foil stamping, screen printing, pad printing, cellophane wrapping or matting, in order to set the scene for your product. Of course you can get packaging of all sizes and shapes, which we adapt individually to your product.

A perfect delivery is made when it is needed. We make sure that the required scope of delivery is carried out just in time and precisely. In addition to process optimization, this means considerable flexibility.

We communicate shipping information quickly and according to your ideas, thus ensuring reliable and uncomplicated order processing. You use Amazon as your platform? We are there for you and are at your side as an expert and experienced partner.

Prontomed’s range of services includes customs clearance in Germany, Europe and worldwide. We create country-specific consignment notes and transport documents for smooth transport.

Efficient logistics also include the right packaging sizes and individually adapted order picking. We offer you successful and responsible logistics with a widespread and international network.

Prontomed can be on land, at sea or in the air.

Sometimes less is more. We are flexible and offer different services. It does not necessarily have to be a finished product ready for sale, the manufacture of which we accompany. Therefore you have the possibility to purchase your product in bulk from us – of course always under guarantee of best manufacturing conditions and according to the guidelines of our quality claim.

Turn the entire globe into your playing field! Establishing your product worldwide requires international, multilingual marketing.

That’s why we translate all texts relating to your product, such as label or packaging texts, into numerous languages to ensure the ideal positioning of your brand in the international arena.

Ready? Then let's do it!

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We look forward to talking to you about your product idea and to conquering the market together with you. All that separates us now is the contact form, with which you can make a non-binding contact request :

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