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Prontolind Piercing Aftercare

New tattoo or piercing? We have the right care!
The decision, the choice of the motive and the procedure are done. You are happy and proud and want the new body jewelry to heal well and you will enjoy it for life. So that the joy of the new tattoo or piercing lasts long, it depends especially in the days after the stabbing on the right skin care. With the Prontolind tattoo and piercing care series you have a reliable product line for cleaning and care at hand, which you can use specifically with all kinds of body modifications.
For all body modifications
Cleaning and care
No itching, no burning
Regeneration and protection
Recommended by many studios

The Prontolind product range

Prontolind includes a range of products for antiseptic cleaning and care of piercings and tattoos. Especially piercings need an intensive care and cleaning immediately after the stinging.

The polyhexanide-betain-complex contained in Prontolind guarantees a gentle, antiseptic cleaning with highest compatibility. The irritated skin is soothed and supported without itching or burning in the healing.



Especially with fresh tattoos, good skin hygiene and care should be taken to avoid bleeding or encrustation. Our tattoo care products, such as the Prontolind Tattoo Foam, support the healing of the skin with valuable panthenol and disinfects through its polyhexanide betaine base.

In contrast to many other products, Prontolind products can be used without time restrictions and are compatible with all materials used in piercing jewelry. Prontolind promotes wound healing without drying out the skin – no burning, itching or irritation. Due to its modified surface tension it reaches all jewellery and skin areas and reliably removes infectious agents.

Also after the first, intensive care phase the Prontolind series accompanies you with the care and cleaning, for example of canals or the jewellery itself.

Prontolind Spray is the first choice after piercing. It penetrates independently into the canal and reaches thus also difficult accessible areas. After a short time of action encrustations are simply removed with a sterile cotton swab or a compress.

The polyhexanide-betain-complex reliably protects against germs and associated infections. Healing is promoted without burning or itching. Prontolind Spray is dermatologically compatible and suitable for all types of piercing.

Filling quantity: 75ml | Dosage form: Spray | SKU: 410075

Prontolind Gel is suitable for all piercings which are covered with a bandage (e.g. Skindiver, Dermal Anchor, Microdermals), as well as for stretching and care for tunnels. By its good adhesion it can be used excellently in the area of nose and ear, disinfects and cares for irritated cutaneous

Prontolind Gel is not only suitable for disinfecting new canals, but also as a lubricant when inserting tunnels and plugs. The gel is compatible with all modern jewellery and wound dressings and in combination with the Prontolind Tattoo Care Foam also ideal for use with tattoos.

Filling quantity: 10ml | Dosage form: Gel | SKU: 410010

As an alternative to Prontolind Spray, Prontolind Tropflösung has all the cleansing, antimicrobial and caring properties of the spray. The dropping solution penetrates into the canal without burning, even in pain-sensitive areas. It is not for nothing that our Prontolind dripping solution is often the first choice in numerous studios.

Encrustations are loosened and can then be removed and cleaned with cotton swabs or compresses.

Fill quantity: 20ml | Disposition form: Solution | Article number: 410020

Prontolind Mouth Spray was specially developed for use in oral piercings. In the practical spray bottle, piercings in the mouth area can be disinfected and cleaned quickly and easily at any time. Prontolind mouth spray promotes wound healing and prevents inflammations.

The pleasant menthol taste provides for pleasant freshness – completely without alcohol or sugar and therefore especially gentle.

Fill quantity: 75ml | Disposal form: Spray | Article number: 410004

For all piercings in the oral area, e.g. lip and tongue piercings, Prontolind Mouth Rinsing Solution complements the Prontolind Mouth Spray for daily cleaning and disinfection. The solution does not contain sugar, alcohol or chlorhexidine and is ideally suitable for daily dental care. Biofilms form an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Prontolind mouth rinsing solution prevents the formation of this biofilm. Compared to many other mouthwashes, Prontolind Mouth Rinse does not cause yellowing of teeth or taste irritation and is also suitable for long-term use.

Fill quantity: 250ml | Disposition form: Solution | Article number: 410002

Tattoos mean a special strain on the skin. It is not uncommon for redness, swelling or bleeding to occur. Prontolind Tattoo Care Foam disinfects the freshly tattooed skin, is antimicrobial thanks to its polyhexanide-betain complex, especially well tolerated and cares lastingly with Panthenol.

The care foam contains no fragrances or other harmful ingredients and is therefore also suitable for sensitive and irritated skin, without affecting the color brilliance and intensity.

Fill quantity: 100ml | Disposition form: Foam | Article number: 410001