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Prontoman foot care

Walking like on cloud nine - With Prontoman every step becomes light-footed
Hardly any other part of the body is exposed to such massive stress every day as our feet. Feet carry us through life, are a stable foundation and give us support. This makes it all the more important that this high strain is adequately absorbed by the right care. The Prontoman foot care developed by Prontomed supports you in the daily care of your feet, softens the cornea and protects against infections such as athlete's foot and nail fungus - best dermatologically compatible, confirmed by independent institutes.

The Prontoman product series

Prontoman foot care products have been specially developed for different loads or concentrated load points of the feet. Walking a lot, wearing tight shoes or visiting a swimming pool can put enormous strain on our feet and can quickly lead to chapped feet, calluses, unpleasant odours and even foot and nail fungus infections.

Regular care can reduce callus formation, prevent unpleasant odours and protect against infections. Our Prontoman special cream with rice germ oil provides particularly intensive care. It revitalizes dry and stressed skin and is also ideal for diabetics.



The Prontoman care foam is suitable for daily care under normal to moderate stress. With its caring panthenol it regulates the skin’s appearance and protects it against bacteria and fungi. The foam is the ideal care for wearers of compression stockings and orthopaedic shoes.

The Prontoman PROTECT series protects feet and shoes against bacteria, fungal spores and other germs which not only contribute to the development of odours but also to the formation of foot and nail fungus.

All Prontoman products are characterised by their high dermatological compatibility and have been tested to the highest standards – so that you are always good on foot.

Prontoman Spray is a medical product for antibacterial cleaning and gentle and effective softening of the cornea, especially in the nail fold – whether at home or in podological practice. Pathogens and infectious agents are reliably removed, inflammations are removed from the culture medium.


Even dangerous, resistant germs like MRSA are detected by Prontoman Spray. Free of alcohol and fragrances, the spray is ideal for diabetics, allergy sufferers and children.

Fill quantity: 75ml | Disposition form: Spray | Article number: MP430075

Infection prophylaxis is especially important if the foot already has attack surfaces for pathogens. These entry ports can be cracked heels, ingrown nails or applied braces.

Prontoman Gel protects against the penetration of bacteria and fungi, also in the nail area. The gel creates an immediate protective film that adheres to the area where it was applied – ideal for supportive foot treatment at home.

Fill quantity: 20ml | Disposition form: Gel | Article number: MP430020

Prontoman care foam was especially developed for the care of heavily stressed skin with wearers of support and compression stockings. With panthenol, the foam cares for irritated skin on feet and legs and forms an antimicrobial and antifungal protective film.


The complexion normalises and the physiological skin structure remains intact.

Filling quantity: 100ml | Adminstration form: Foam | Article number: 430100

The Prontoman Special Cream was developed for particularly stressed feet – a highly intensive care cream with a unique active complex of urea and rice germ oil. The active complex promotes the stability of the skin’s water balance and thus contributes to the regeneration of stressed skin areas.


Especially for diabetics, regular and gentle skin care on legs and feet is essential to protect against infections and damage. Prontoman Special Cream has been dermatologically tested and rated with “very good” .

Fill quantity: 100ml/500ml | Disposal form: Cream | Article number: 43000- 4/5

They are exposed to high loads and are often forgotten during care – our toenails. Nail fungus in particular is one of the most common diseases of nails. Prontoman PROTECT Nail protects fungus-sensitive nails daily without drying out the skin. The gel content in the spray guarantees excellent adhesion and thus reliable protection.


Due to its purely mineral ingredients, Prontoman PROTECT Nail is suitable for almost all feet, also for those of allergics, diabetics and children.

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Fill quantity: 50ml | Disposition form: Spray gel | Article number: 430003

Especially the use of wet rooms like saunas and swimming pools are perfect breeding grounds for germs and other infectious agents. Foot and nail fungi are often the result.


Prontoman PROTECT Foot effectively protects against the formation of foot and nail fungus without drying out the skin. As a purely mineral solution, Prontoman PROTECT Foot is also suitable for children, diabetics and allergy sufferers for regular use.

Fill quantity: 75ml | Disposal form: Spray | Article number: 430001

Shoes form ideal Breeding places for germs and pathogens, which we often perceive first through unpleasant smells. In addition to regular foot care, shoes should also be cared for. It minimizes odours and effectively protects against fungal infections.


Due to its purely mineral ingredients, the hygiene spray is suitable for all shoe types and can be used effortlessly indoors.

Fill quantity: 75ml | Disposal form: Spray | Article number: 430002