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Beside our own brands, we complement our assortment with exclusive products of our cooperation partners. For these products, Prontomed is the exclusive distribution partner throughout Germany, so that we can offer you the best possible selection for your needs. Convince yourself of the brands Newmed, Swissforce, Gynofit, Pernaton and DIKLA.


Newmed stands for the power of the Swiss mountains, used for high-quality health products. The local Edelweiss, as well as the special spring water, form an essential basis for every product.

The secret of the Swiss mountain water lies in its enrichment with Sel des Alpes – obtained in the salt mines of Bex – which contributes to the good compatibility of the Newmed products.

Edelweisssextrakt ensures that the products can also be used on sensitive and impaired skin and mucous membranes.

The human ear produces earwax (serum) daily to protect the eardrum from dirt and foreign particles. If earwax is not removed regularly, it can lead to unpleasant clots of lard. Newmed Ear Spray removes earwax gently, can be used safely over a longer period of time and can replace the cotton swab with one or two sprays per ear. Newmed Ear Spray is isotonic, mild and does not require any preservatives and is also ideal for cleaning children’s ears. We ensure the best compatibility.

Fill quantity: 30ml | Application form: Spray | Article number: NM_03

Especially in air-conditioned or heated rooms, dry, encrusted mucous membranes can quickly develop. This can impair free breathing not only in adults but also in children. Newmed Nasal Spray ensures adequate moisturization of the nasal mucous membranes and soothes the irritation with plant extracts such as sage, peppermint and edelweiss. Its natural ingredients and the absence of preservatives also make Newmed Nasal Spray an ideal companion for allergy sufferers.

Fill quantity: 30ml | Display form: Spray | Article number: NM_02

Our mucous membranes are exposed to numerous stimuli throughout the year. Air-conditioned or heated rooms as well as dust and pollen dry out the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. Especially the pharyngeal mucous membranes quickly suffer from this irritation and can hardly maintain their protection against pathogens. Newmed throat spray moistens the pharyngeal mucosa and helps to protect the natural germ barrier. With the plant extracts from sage, peppermint and edelweiss, as well as the spring water of the Swiss mountains, you protect and preserve your neck and arm it against dehydration.

Fill quantity: 30ml | Application form: Spray | Article number: NM_01


Gynofit products have been developed with the help of specialists and gynaecologists especially for the intimate care of women. The female intimate flora is exposed to a wide variety of influences that quickly throw the balance off course. Gynofit helps to maintain and restore this flora, which plays an important role as a barrier against germs. Starting with daily intimate care, through dryness and itching to support with fungal infections or special irritations during and after pregnancy – Gynofit is gentle and effective.

Irritations of the vaginal flora occasionally lead to bacterial vaginoses and fungal infections, which cause an unpleasant burning and itching. The Gynofit lactic acid vaginal gel helps to restore the natural pH value of the vaginal flora and helps to fight the pathogens. The discomfort and unpleasant odours are alleviated – without perfumes or hormones. Applied with the practical applicator, the gel adheres to the vaginal epithelium and unfolds its effect. Developed together with gynaecologists, the Gynofit lactic acid vaginal gel guarantees high tolerance and in no way impairs the effect or use of condoms.

Fill quantity: 6x5ml | Display form: Gel | Article number: gyno-02

Many women suffer from vaginal dryness, which often occurs together with hormonal changes, for example during the menstrual cycle, during and after pregnancy or at the onset of menopause. Vaginal dryness leads not only to your vagina becoming a gateway for germs, but also to restrictions in general well-being and sex life. This medical product leads to immediate relief, without hormones, dyes and odorous substances. The gel is suitable for long-term use and can be used with condoms. Gynofit – so you can enjoy your body and sexuality to the full again.

Fill quantity: 6x5ml | Display form: Gel | Article number: gyno-01

The vaginal flora has its own pH value. The mild Gynofit Intimate Wash Lotion maintains exactly this pH value. In contrast to alkaline soaps, valuable lactic acid bacteria protect the sensitive balance of the intimate flora. Irritations and dehydration are prevented and thus contribute to vaginal health. Gynofit Intimate Wash Lotion does not require soap or dyes, has been dermatologically tested and is therefore suitable for long-term daily use. The washing lotion is available perfumed and unperfumed – completely adapted to your individual needs.

Fill quantity: 200ml | Adminstration form: Lotion | Article number: gyno-04

Similar to the Gynofit Intimate Cleansing Lotion, the Gynofit Intimate Care Wipes contain valuable lactic acids which support the sensitive vaginal flora and contribute to the preservation of the protective acid mantle. Ensure a pleasant refreshment of your genital area everywhere and at any time. Gynofit intimate care towels fit in every pocket and become the ideal intimate care partner on the go. This product is perfumed and unperfumed, but always soap-free and colourless! Of course Gynofit intimate care towels are dermatologically tested like all Gynofit products.

Fill quantity: 25 pcs. | Adminstration form: cloth | Article number: gyno-06

Pregnancy is a very special phase for every woman, but it also places some strain on the body. Gynofit Dam Oil supports you in pregnancy from the 34th week on in stretching the dam, as well as in the care and regeneration of birth scars and stretch marks. Natural oils and vitamin E support the skin, supplemented with lactic acid for the protection of the genital area. Help your body to prepare for birth by treating and massaging your perineum with Gynofit Dam Oil daily from the 34th week onwards. The tissue gains suppleness and elasticity and can thus help to avoid a perineum tear.

Fill quantity: 100ml | Disposition form: Oil | Article number: gyno-07


For over 20 years, PernatonⓇ has been manufacturing products that support joints, tendons and ligaments with the power of the original Perna extract. With its high content of glycosaminoglycans (GAG), the extract gets its joint-supporting function and is complemented by a functional glycogen complex, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, 11 minerals and 18 important amino acids. By consistent and regular controls of the product, the effectiveness, quality and tolerability is kept on a top level. In contrast to other green-lipped mussel products, PernatonⓇ uses an extremely gentle extraction process to concentrate the full power of the green-lipped mussels.

Pernaton Gel supports the mobility of the joints from the outside with the original Perna extract. Glycosaminoglycans increase elasticity, resilience and firmness and give the skin a feeling of suppleness. The addition of natural oils such as rosemary and lemon oil to Pernaton Gel stimulates the circulation and thus contributes to the relaxation of muscles, tendons and joints. Enjoy the cooling effect of the oil-free joint gel, which penetrates immediately into the skin and smells pleasant. Pernaton Joint Gel is ideal for all people whose joints are exposed to high loads, such as heavy physical work, overweight or competitive sports.

Fill quantity: 125ml | Adminstration form: Cream | Article number: PER_01

Pernaton Gel forte is always used when joints, tendons and ligaments are particularly strained. Due to its pleasant warming function, it is recommended for use during sports or for regeneration afterwards. A balanced composition of original Perna extract, cayenne pepper extract, glycosaminoglycans, chondroitin and essential oils increases blood circulation, provides warmth and relaxes hardened muscles. Like Pernaton Gel, Pernaton Gel forte is fat-free, smells pleasant and penetrates immediately into the skin.

Fill quantity: 125ml | Adminstration form: Cream | Article number: PER_02

Pernaton Gel is not only available in a tube, but also as a practical roll-on. In this pleasant packaging the Pernaton Gel can be used quickly and easily anywhere and is easy to transport and store.  The practical roll-on applicator ensures that the gel is applied cleanly and without hand contact. Like Pernaton Gel, Gel Roll-On is suitable for daily use and supports joints, tendons and ligaments with the power of the original Perna extract. It is best to keep it handy at home, in your sports bag and in your luggage.

Fill quantity: 75ml | Display form: RollOn | Article number: PER_04


DIKLA has stood for high-quality and innovative nail care products since 1969. With Swiss quality, DIKLA is constantly working on improved products for nail care. In addition to high-quality ingredients such as panthenol or biotin, DIKLA also uses new technologies such as the extraction of plant stem cells. DIKLA products are ideal for all nail types and cover a broad spectrum from nail hardeners to nail masks – always for healthy, well-groomed and beautiful nails.

Unfortunately it happens too quickly and often that the nail breaks or tears – an unpleasant and often painful experience. Soft nails can have numerous causes, but do not have to become a problem. DIKLA offers a wide range of products for the construction and care of soft and thin nails. The intensive nail serum with its high biotin content ensures healthy reconstruction and a lasting increase in resistance. You can also use the DIKLA Strengthening Nail Treatment for stronger nails, which noticeably strengthens the nail with keratin, biotin and pro-vitamin B5. Strengthening nail hardener forms the finish and offers a protective layer .

Fill quantity: | Disposal form: | Article number:

Splintering nails are often the result of too dry nails. Everyday stress ultimately leads to breakage. This does not have to happen. The DIKLA product series for brittle and dry nails makes the nails more elastic and resistant. Moisture is trapped and counteracts brittle or problematic nails. The DIKLA regenerating nail cure provides intensive moisture and improves nail elasticity. For particularly stressed nails, the DIKLA Nail Mask helps to apply a protective film for a continuous supply of moisture. The DIKLA Regenerating Nail Hardener provides long-lasting protection against softening and supports the nail with its rich vitamin complex

Fill quantity: | Disposal form: | Article number:

Aging unfortunately doesn’t stop at your nails either. The DIKLA anti-aging series was specially developed to protect against nail aging. Strains such as water and UV rays strain the nail. In the age it can come to discolorations and groove formation. With the DIKLA anti-aging range you create the basis for protection against nail aging. The Anti-Aging Serum with Illuminiscin reduces the size of pigment spots and prevents the formation of new pigment spots. With the daily application of DIKLA Anti-Aging Hand and Nail Cream you protect skin and nail from UV rays and give the tissue elasticity. The Anti-Aging Nail Polish counteracts the aging process and helps the nail to grow healthy, so that you also have healthy and well-kept nails in old age.

Fill quantity: | Disposal form: | Article number:

DIKLA offers not only intensive care products for stressed or stressed nails, but also a wide range of products for everyday nail care and manicure. DIKLA Regenerating Hand Cream can be used daily for regenerating care, even for sensitive skin. Regular care of the cuticle is also part of nail health. The DIKLA cuticle remover with pomegranate extract, jojoba oil and plant stem cells nourishes the cuticle with moisture and thus protects it from all everyday stresses and strains. For dry nails and cracked cuticles you can also use DIKLA Nail Oil.

During the manicure you will be supported by the DIKLA Nail Polish Remover Pads, the nail polish remover and the nail polish quick dryer.

No matter which nail type is yours – DIKLA offers an individual solution for everyone.

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