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Prontomed Skin Care

Do you value healthy skin? So do we!
Our largest organ is our skin. It is exposed to numerous environmental influences on a daily basis, has to withstand heat and cold, heating air and air conditioning systems. In order for our skin to successfully withstand these stressful stresses, proper and consistent care is essential. Prontomed skin care products were developed exclusively for the intensive care of your skin. Welcome to the world of Prontomed Skin Care.
intensive skin care
applicable for neurodermatitis, herpes, psoriasis and many more.
dermatologically tested
also suitable for allergy sufferers and children
regenerates and protects

The Prontomed product range

No matter if healthy or already diseased and attacked skin – daily care is the be-all and end-all in maintaining your health. Prontomed has made it its business to protect your skin!

The Prontomed skin care range offers a wide range of skin care products for every skin type. It doesn’t matter whether you have normal skin or suffer from acne, neurodermatitis or herpes.



The Prontomed skin care range, like all Prontomed products, benefits from special manufacturing using two technologies: polyhexanide (PHMB) technology and electrochemical activation (ECA).

Polyhexanide cleanses the skin antimicrobially and protects against the penetration of germs and infectious agents. It is dermatologically compatible and can also be used on damaged skin without any problems. Electrolysis produces mineral solutions of the highest purity and quality.

Let us help you and benefit from our many years of experience in skin care with products such as Skin Balance for acne and skin impurities, SoleaDerm for neurodermatitis or BiteEx for insect bites and stings.

Prontomed Skin Balance

Who does not know and fear them? Skin blemishes such as pimples or even acne can make life difficult. Acne is not just a problem for teenagers, it is also a problem for adults. Prontomed Skin Balance Spray Gel is used for deep antibacterial hygiene and prevents inflammation.

The protective spray gel film sustainably improves the skin’s appearance – completely without alcohol and drying ingredients. It is therefore also suitable for use on particularly sensitive facial skin, which its clinical test result confirms with the result “very good”.

Fill quantity: 75ml | Disposition form: Spray gel | Art. number: MP430075

Prontomed Skin Balance Acute is the fast and practical solution for pimples. Prontomed Skin Balance Acute is based on a mineral salt solution and does not contain alcohol or oily substances. It has an antimicrobial effect without drying out the skin.

Inflammations can heal faster, the Pore can regenerate and the applied protective film prevents new germs from entering. In the practical tube it can be used everywhere quickly and uncomplicated – for a clean and healthy skin, uncomplicated and handy.

Fill quantity: 8ml | Disposition form: Gel | Article number: MP490018

The basis of every skin care starts with the skin cleansing. For this purpose we have developed the Prontomed Clear Skin Facial Toner. Used daily for pore-deep skin cleansing, Prontomed Clear Skin removes impurities, fat deposits and bacteria.

The skin appearance is sustainably improved, without the use of alcohol or perfume. Prontomed Clear Skin is dermatologically tested and suitable for almost all skin types.



Fill quantity: 200ml | Disposition form: Solution | Article number: 490011

Neurodermatitis does not only burden the skin through burning and itching, but also through the development of entry ports for germs and infectious agents, which additionally irritate and damage the already stressed skin. Prontomed SoleaDerm is used for antiseptic cleansing and intensive care of stressed skin. It provides moisture and reduces unpleasant symptoms such as itching, dandruff and burning. The use of irritating or dehydrating substances is completely avoided, so that Prontomed SoleaDerm is also suitable for small children and allergy sufferers.

Fill quantity: 75ml | Drug form: Spray | Article number: 490007

Certain skin diseases, such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis, require particularly intensive care. Prontomed SoleaDerm cream with rice germ oil and 5% urea increases the stability of the skin’s water balance and thus regenerates dry, irritated skin. The rice germ oil contained has a similar effect to argan oil. This means that it does not re-fatten and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin. Like all Prontomed skin care products, SoleaDerm Creme is dermatologically tested

Fill quantity: 100ml | Disposal form: Cream | Article number: 490016

Summertime is mosquito time! Annoying insect stings and bites not only provide an ideal breeding ground for infections by germs and other pathogens, but also leave behind an annoying burning sensation, a feeling of heat and itching. Prontomed BiteEx relieves the symptoms quickly and prevents inflammation. Especially children suffer from the after-effects like itching and burning.

Prontomed BiteEx is dermatologically compatible, produced without irritating substances and can therefore be used without hesitation in children and relieve their symptoms.

Fill quantity: 75ml | Disposition form: Spray gel | Article number: MP430075

Lip herpes is unpleasant and damages the skin. Itching, burning and inflammation are the result of blistering. Prontomed Herpes Gel supports the healing of the herpes blisters and inhibits the spread of germs.

Prontomed Herpes Gel is based on a mineral solution and is therefore ideally dermatologically compatible. In addition to the treatment of herpes, Prontomed Herpes Gel is also suitable for the treatment of angiotomae and aphten.

Fill quantity: 8ml | Disposition form: Gel | Article number: MP490010

Genital herpes is a particularly stressful skin disease. Itching and burning of the penis, vagina and anus require rapid relief. Prontomed Genital Herpes Gel promotes the healing of the herpes vesicles and reduces open and weeping spots when first signs such as tingling and burning occur.

The spread of germs is effectively inhibited. Prontomed Genital Herpes Gel does not require alcohol and has been dermatologically tested. Nothing stands in the way of an application for allergy sufferers.

Fill quantity: 8ml | Disposition form: Gel | Article number: MP490015

Each hair removal causes an irritation of the skin. Occasionally it comes to inflammations and infections. The Prontomed care foam cares for the skin after hair removal and soothes irritated areas.

After application, a protective film is formed which forms a barrier against germs and other pathogens. Panthenol additionally nourishes and maintains the physiological skin structure. As Prontomed care foam does not contain alcohol, the application is completely painless. Due to its mild formula, this product is also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Fill quantity: 100ml | Disposition form: Foam | Article number: 490009