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ECA - Technology

Electrochemical Activation - The Strong Solution!


In electrochemical activation (ECA), mineral salt solution (diluted brine) is passed through special electrolysis cells. The chemical composition and the physical condition of the brine and the water are specifically influenced. The result is a powerful, efficient and widely applicable solution.

The production of stable and effective solutions requires special electrolysis cells with high-tech membranes and an optimized manufacturing process. Prontomed has used a process known for many years and has defined and perfected it for product technology.

The development goal was achieved: stability of 24 months after production!

It is possible to control the production of a scalable product line with previously unknown physical properties. Prontomed ECA products have highest purity and are manufactured according to a validated process sequence.

Developed products for the following applications:

Human medicine

Athlete's foot
Herpes Simplex
Insect bites
MRSA decontamination (skin, mouth, nose, ear)
Wound care

Veterinary medicine

Wound Care
Faddish limp


Products based on ECA technology have outstanding properties:

  • excellent skin & mucous membrane tolerance
  • are not allergen
  • do not dry the skin out
  • effective against bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses
  • also against multi-resistant germs (MRSA)
  • are not toxic to humans, animals & plants
  • exclude formation of resistances
  • are pH neutral
  • disintegrate after use back into the natural source materials water & mineral salt

The highly potent solutions are characterized by three physical product properties:

The oxidation power of the solution is increased.
Formation of smaller water clusters.
The water has an increased redox potential.


The electrolysis process reduces the cluster size of the water from 15-20 molecules to about 5-7 molecules, allowing the solution to penetrate even the most remote wound areas.

Redox potential
Due to the strong affinity to electrons, electron transport chains in anaerobic microorganisms are disturbed and damaged. The body’s own cells can withstand voltages in excess of +1300mV and are therefore not damaged.

sodium hypochlorite content
Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) is an oxidizing agent that releases oxygen (O). This released oxygen impairs the protective shell of anaerobic microorganisms, the damaged cell wall does not withstand the osmotic pressure and is destroyed. After splitting off the oxygen from the sodium hypochlorite, the substance reacts back to simple table salt (NaCl). Sodium hypochlorite, for example, is also produced in the body to ward off germs in lysosomes.


In contrast to human and animal cells, microorganisms have no protective mechanisms that prevent the ECA solution from penetrating the cell. Diffusion is a physical process that destroys the integrity of the cell membrane. Proteins are oxidized , which control vital functions. As a result, microorganisms in contact with ECA die off so quickly that no resistance mechanisms can develop.


These natural raw materials, mineral salt and water, are the basis for the environmental compatibility of the products. ECA solutions are pH-neutral and purely mineral, they do not contain any organic chemicals. Therefore, they are very well tolerated by the skin and can be used indefinitely.

The environment is not polluted in any way – neither during production, nor during application or disposal. This makes ECA products the ecological alternative for many applications.