Informations about ECA technology




A strong solution

Elektrochemical activation on highest level

During electrochemical activation (ECA), an aqueous salt solution is passed through an electrolytic cell. The resulting solutions have special physicochemical and catalytic properties. Prontomed has developed, defined and perfected this ECA technology. Special electrolysis cells with high-tech membranes are required to produce stable and effective solutions. This enables the controlled production of a scalable series of active ingredients with previously unheard of characteristics. During the electrochemical activation, the chemical composition and physical properties of the brine and water are selectively influenced. The result is a potent and effective anti-microbial agent suitable for a wide range of uses. The ECA solutions, sprays and gels oxidise pathogens, bacteria, fungi and viruses and destroy them without developing resistance. All products have outstanding features and:

  • have no gaps in efficacy 
  • are not toxic to humans, animals or plants 
  • are non-flammable, non-irritating, non-corrosive 
  • prevent the development of resistance 
  • are non-allergenic 
  • are pH neutral 

The special features of Prontomed® ECA products

Prontomed® ECA products are anolyte solutions and spray gels manufactured under defined conditions and produced using controlled processes. The products are of the highest purity and compatibility, with long-lasting stability and a very broad spectrum of action. All physical, chemical and microbial OLOGICAL properties have been determined in defined value ranges and test results in the Prontomed® ECA product specification. Each result and definition has been conducted and verified in various qualified and accredited laboratories on the basis of analyses.